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M. tuberculosis Genome-wide Functional Linkage Map Web Server (Strong et al. Nucleic Acids Research, 31: 7099-7109)

M. tuberculosis Functional Linkage Server (Strong et al. Genome Biology 4:R59.1-R59.16.)

Microbial Genomics Tutorial (Strong et al. ASM Education Journal 5:30-35)

A-MAN / UCLA Collaborative Outreach Program (M. Strong. Nature. 434, 418)

Tuberculosis / Human Array Server (Rachman, H., Strong, M., et al. Infection and Immunity 74:1233-1242.)

Tuberculosis / Macrophage Array Server (Rachman, H., Strong, M., et al. Microbes and Infection 8:747-757)

Tuberculosis Drug Resistance Mutation Database (Sandgren A., Strong M., et al. PLoS Medicine 6:2.

Online Lesson Plan: Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis: A Genetic Analysis Using Online Bioinformatics Tools (Jessica M. Taylor, Rebecca M. Davidson, Michael Strong. American Biology Teacher, 76:386-394)

MycoBASE (Garcia et al. BMC Genomics 16:1102, 2015).

TB Mutation Analysis Pipeline (Datta et al. Tuberculosis 2016).

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